El Salvador

Travel guides and Recipes from Central America's Thriving New Destination

Yellow map of El Salvador with small, styalized images of locations in the country.

Don't Skip El Salvador

Hike towering volcanoes, surf epic waves or relax on pristine beaches. Trek through lush tropical jungles to hidden waterfalls. Explore ancient Mayan ruins and fill your belly with incredible local flavours.

No longer hiding in the shadows of it's past, the time has come for a fresh view of this small yet stunning country.

Welcome to your complete travel guide to the incredible country of El Salvador!

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Who Are We?

We're Kylee and Mark, two long-time travellers who took a chance on this often overlooked country and fell in love with it.

Here at Everything El Salvador we aim to break the stigma and help travellers get the most out of their visit to this amazing country.

With the help of other adventurers and local contributors, we’ll share the most accurate travel guides, helpful tips, and relevant news to make your visit to El Salvador the best it can be!

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Get inspired as you plan for your trip with some of our best photography from around El Salvador.

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Rather than going the traditional route, we're asking for direct support from you, our readers.

In addition to supporting this website, 20% of all donations received will be passed on to local charities within El Salvador.

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